Autostock Korea

It is an overseas sales website related to cars which is operated by Autocraft Korea Ltd. and it was established based on detailed data and knowhow which was accumulated for the past 18 years.

Autostockkorea is a specialized web site for oversea buyers to purchase Korean cars directly, and Buyers and dealers can freely and easily sell and purchase Korean cars as selling price and shipping cost are automatically calculated.

The greatest feature of Autostockkorea is

When vehicle information to sell is inputted, an average selling price of the relevant car in overseas can be referred from the past database.
Since there is a big difference in price decision between a foreign user and Korean store, past data can be searched as a reference.
Autocraft Japan Ltd., which is the parent company in operation, had achieved a result of exporting 15,000 cars per year based on this data.

You can use system knowhow, the past database, and site management fee for free at Autostockkorea.
We have been maintaining export connection with a buyer for a long period of time as a part of works of Autocraft Korea Ltd., the operating company, and therefore we don’t have to change a work process and use a system that was established in the parent company without increase of staff.
It is a big merit that other companies can’t copy.
Why are we better than other local used cars sites?
    Accumulated experience of exporting used cars of Korea for many years and knowhow
    1. Autostockkorea was the first one to pioneer an overseas market of used cars in Central and South America and Asia, and has more than 18 years of experience in exportation.
    2. Autostockkorea has wealth of experience and knowhow through overseas exportation, understands tariff and exportation barrier of each country, and has much information about the relevant country.  
    3. Moreover, we are visiting many overseas countries every year and we understand demands of buyers of each country according to exportation.
    Securing an overseas partnership and buyer and establishing a network
    1. Autostockkorea is cooperating with a global company Autocraft Japan Ltd., that has many branches in overseas through a business alliance to export used cars of Korea.
    2. Autostockkorea has been maintaining trade with many buyers of overseas and partners of Autocraft Japan Ltd., until now and is trying to export cars that satisfy their demands. Also, We can easily exporting Korean used car.
    3. We visit foreign countries to meet buyers and overseas buyers also visit Autostockkorea.
    Autostockkorea purchases used cars from numbers of dealers in Korea and all the purchased vehicles are transferred to buyers instantly