Members Agreement  

Autostock Korea

Members Agreement

Article 1 (Definition)
A portal site managed by Autocraft Korea Ltd. is called Autostockkorea.

Article 2 (Purpose)
Autostockkorea aims to supply competitive used cars, motorcycles, and components of Korea to foreign users through a portal site and to contribute to development of Korean car industry through invigoration of car distribution.

Article 3 (Indemnity)
For below cases, Autostockkorea holds no responsibility for loss.
1. Loss of selling opportunity due to malfunction or failure of computer.
2. Loss of selling opportunity due to disturbance of communication device, communication line, and computer system or program.
3. When information provision of this service is discontinued or delayed due to disturbance of the third party on this service, intrusion to system, and information loss.
4. When there is defect in system due to natural disaster and etc.

Article 4 (Data Copyright)
1. All data copyrights of Autostockkorea are vested in Autocraft Korea Ltd.
2. A member should not use or leak data of Autostockkorea without permission.

Article 5 (Member Registration)
A person who wants to join as a member must apply for membership at Autostockkorea.

Article 6 (Registration Period and Renewal)
Registration period of a member is 1 year from the registration date and if the member does not apply for withdrawal until 3 months before expiration of registration period then the period is automatically extended for 1 year. It is applied as same for following years.
Article 7 (Rights of Member)
A member can access to the Autostockkorea site, input vehicle information to sell, and find the limited information for members such as access number of the inputted vehicle and offer from overseas.

Article 8 (Obligation to Notify)
A member shall report to the management headquarters of Autostockkorea if there is change in business place, company name, address, phone number, mail address, and etc.

Article 9 (Prohibition)
A member should not perform actions stated as the below.
1. Accessing the Autostockkorea site by borrowing user ID and Password from a person besides members.
2. Act of redirecting site information obtained from Autostockkorea or posting it to a person besides members.
3. Inserting vehicle information although a person has no cash.
4. Conducting other acts that are acknowledged as violation.

Article 10 (Penalty)
A member is withdrawn from membership by compulsion when applying to the below cases and if a member had caused loss to Autostockkorea or other members, and end user or the third party then the loss is claimed.
1. When acts corresponding to prohibitions of the Article 9 are detected.
2. When incongruent act that is inappropriate as a member has been made.

Article 11 (Selling)
A member can input information of a vehicle and a component to sell, and sell it to overseas through Autostockkorea.

Article 12 (Input and Delete of Vehicle Information)
A member provides accurate information considering the position of end user.
And when sold in a store, delete information promptly.

Article 13 (Obligation, Claim)
A member is obligated to provide accurate information and is responsible for all claims that can occur when inaccurate information is provided due to false vehicle information, omission of registration, or misdescription.

Article 14 (Transfer of Document and Payment)
Promptly transfer documents to Autostockkorea after a sales contract and 에 Autostockkorea pays the vehicle price after confirming the transferred documents.

Article 15 (Agreement in Jurisdiction)
If there is dispute between the member and Autostockkorea about this request then both parties agree that only the court that has jurisdiction over the management headquarters of Autostockkorea is a competent court.

Article 16 (Governing Law)
Governing law about this Members Agreement is a domestic law of Korea.